George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

As I predicted, Zimmerman was found not guilty. This trial will be studied for decades, in law school’s around the country, as an example of how not to prosecute a case. This entire mess has been a comedy of errors. I’m really hoping that this verdict does not lead to rioting.

~ by arcturus415 on July 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty”

  1. George Zimmerman being found not guilty in my opinion was no big surprise and listening to the Anderson Cooper interview of one of the juror B37 I can see why, she spoke and referred to Zimmerman as George but she called Trayvon BOY! She said it over and over again which, made those hairs on my neck stand up feeling annoyed. As for George Zimmerman, he made assumptions that were false, and acted out on them and as a result Trayvon is dead. Why is nobody talking about Trayvon’s right to defend himself after being stalked? Zimmerman hides behind Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and initiated it and he needs to be held accountable for his actions and false assumptions and pulling his gun out and killing Trayvon.

    • The problem, as I have said to a few others, is growing public sentiment. People are demanding justice, but in a way, justice was already seen. Justice is a flawed system admittedly. Zimmerman was charged, tried, and acquitted. That was justice at work, no matter how disappointing an outcome for many it might be. In my eyes, it appears that those demanding justice in this case are motivated by the pursuit of vengeance. Vengeance is not justice. Just my opinion..

  2. Yes, justice is a flawed system Zimmerman was charged, tried and acquitted, but those demanding justice in this case are not motivated by the pursuit of vengeance. No justice in my opinion is the removal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law which nobody seems to address in any of the talk shows or interviews. Instead, we have people trying to race bait and in my opinion nobody seems to be able to talk about racism in a civilized manner in the USA or Canada. Yes there are three sides to this case Trayvon Martin’s , George Zimmerman’s and the truth which we will never know, when it comes to race and racism it does play a major part to this case and other cases. This case is about extraordinary inequality in the presumption of innocence and the application of justice: why was Martin deemed suspicious and why was his killer allowed to go home? People are fearful with this Stand Your Ground law a person of color could be walking minding his or her business, can they ever stop walking away, or running away, and simply stand their ground? Can they become righteously indignant without being fatally wounded? The idea of universal suspicion without individual evidence is what Americans find abhorrent and what black men in America must constantly fight. It is pervasive in policing policies — like stop-and-frisk, and in this case neighborhood watch — regardless of the collateral damage done to the majority of innocents.

    • The problem, as I see it how it applies to this individual circumstance, is public outrage at Stand Your Ground. In this case, Zimmerman waived Stand Your Ground pre-trail immunity protection. Were it not for that one act, a trial would never have taken place, assuming immunity from prosecution was granted at the waived pre-trial hearing.

      Personally, I am of the belief that this entire mess can be traced back to Zimmerman’s actions. Had he not disregarded instructions from the 911 operator, this situation might never have taken place. Deciding to birddog Martin, Zimmerman made the eventual outcome unavoidable. I have a problem with racism becoming a factor in this overall debate, due to unarguable realities. As was said on CNN recently, only in America can a minority kill another minority, and caucasian’s are to blame.

      While it is an unpopular stance to take, I must disagree with your question about righteous indignation without being fatally wounded. Its not secret that I place blame on Zimmerman, but in any open debate, we must be honest, no matter how unpopular that is. Martin should also shoulder a portion of blame, as he did opt to return and square with Zimmerman. In the end, both Zimmerman and Martin were wrong to differing degrees. To not acknowledge that is to foster intellectually dishonest debate.

      Stop and frisk in NYC is something I feel must be abolished. That is a clearcut example of profiling, and should be dealt with accordingly.

  3. Yes I do agree and acknowledge both Zimmerman and Martin were wrong to differing degrees that is a fact that cannot be denied. As I stated in the beginning there are three sides to this case Trayvon Martin’s, George Zimmerman’s and the truth which we will never know. As for CNN’s comment, only in America can a minority kill another minority, and Caucasians’ are to blame well that falls under the category of race baiting. Yes there is a high percentage of minorities killing another minority and from my perspective it is seen in the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas when Former DPD chief was robbed while mowing his lawn he was a victim to an armed robbery. Two suspects approached Knox, at least one with a gun drawn. He told the news that he wasn’t afraid, but did wonder whether he was going to get shot. The former chief was not armed, but fought his assailants. In the process he fell over his lawnmower and with Knox on the ground, the thieves removed a gold necklace and bracelet from him then they took off running between houses. Those minorities that have the common sense and realize that Caucasians’ are not to blame for the death of minorities in America are of a very high percentage; that is why there are many minorities moving to the predominately white suburbs to get away from this violence and crime. There are many who do things and do not want to accept responsibility for their own actions, no one has the ability to control what you do if you rob, murder and/or steal that is your own responsibility.

    • Race baiting is something far to many in this nation are guilty of. Its tragic, unfortunate, counterproductive, and a reality few wish to confront. Racial undertones simmer in the US, at all levels. That is a problem not contained to the US, but found in far too many nations. As much as we, as a nation, feel we have put the past behind us, we have done no such thing. If the present undercurrent continues to simmer, I suspect a larger problem will come home to roost, in a manner few if any will be able to ignore.

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