Unlawful Command Influence Cited in USMC Prosecution

You may not remember, but I do, the news of four scout snipers, and combat engineers taking video of themselves urinating on dead insurgents in 2011. This event polarized the military and civilian communities. Some felt that these Marines needed to be charged, while others felt they should walk. While I have views of my own, I’m not going to voice them here, simply because my views are mine, and mine alone.

It seems that command influence reared its ugly head in this situation. Command influence is something that every service member knows exists, but is never cast into the light for all to see. In this instance, it seems that command influence came from the very top, from General Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Lt. General Thomas Waldhauser, then head of Marine Corps Forces Central Command , and now senior military advisor to the Secretary of Defense met with General Amos in 2012 to discuss the prosecution of these four Marines, and expected outcomes. In a statement submitted by Waldhauser, which corrobirates ¬†allegations made by a Marine Corps attorney, and a whistleblower, states General Amos wanted these four Marines “crushed” and dismissed from the Corps. When Waldhauser resisted, Amos threatened to replace Waldhauser as convening authority, and replace him with someone who would deliver the outcome Amos sought.

Amos purposely perverted the military justice process with his actions, in an attempt to make a fair trial impossible for these Marines. No one should be above the law, and Amos, in my opinion, needs to be relieved. I’m not sitting here saying what these Marines did in this case is right, but two wrongs don’t make a right. In my eyes, the transgressions committed by General Amos in this case far outweigh those committed by these Marines. Those Marines deserve punishment, but that punishment should be fitting with like instances, and that means an outcome other than a general courts martial. For those already punished in this case, it provides an opportunity to correct the overreaching by Amos.

By his own admission, in a memo, Amos is well aware of his wrongdoing in this instance. Despite admission of that wrongdoing to Waldhauser, the Commandants office continued to engage in behavior designed to prevent dull discovery for the defense, in an attempt to prevent these Marines from receiving a fair trail. This is a travesty of justice.

For these actions, Amos should be immediately relieved of command. I feel his actions are also worthy of a courts martial. Burn this guy at the stake, and serve notice that this type of behavior is not acceptable, no matter your rank or position. Send a message to all service members that the standard applies to all, not just a few. The link to the full article is below.


~ by arcturus415 on July 26, 2013.

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  1. Absolutely right on!

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