New Developments Surrounding USS Guardian Grounding


This situation is one that managed to get a bit more interesting. Following an investigation, USS Guardian’s commanding officer, and three other officers, were relieved of their duties, for “failure to adhere to prudent, safe, and sound navigation principles which would have alerted them to approaching dangers with sufficient time to take mitigating action.” The investigation report goes on to state that inaccurate navigation charts were the primary cause of this incident, but failed to to elaborate.

It turns out that the chart discrepancy boils down to human error, on the part of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). Based on commercially available Landsat data, these charts were updated. Sadly, the Landsat data was wrong. While an inaccuracy was found in the data by cartographers, the NGA failed to update charts with corrected data. Two other charts available to Guardian’s crew contained accurate data.

Human error, not just at the crew and command level, but at the governmental agency level is to blame. This error cost the Navy a vessel, and fines stemming from damage to the reef in a Philippine National Park. Ridiculous! This reminds me of the time Tom Tom told me to turn left on the middle of a bridge. For job seekers, I’m sure an opening can now be found at the NGA.

~ by arcturus415 on July 27, 2013.

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