F-35 Prices Continue To Fall




The Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin have come to terms on the next two rounds of F-35 LRIP (low rate initial production) purchases. LRIP 6 and LRIP 7, as agreed upon, comes to a total of 7 billion dollars. LRIP 5, coming to a total of  3.8 billion, gives evidence of prices continuing to fall.

LRIP 6 benefits from a four percent drop in cost over LRIP 5. Another four percent savings is found for LRIP 7, showing a total drop of eight percent between LRIP 5 and LRIP 7. As further orders are finalized with the DOD and foreign partners, expect further downtrending of the price point.

Once full rate production begins, prices will further plummet. Following this trend, it seems likely the F-35 will closely mirror per-airframe cost projections put forth by Lockheed Martin years before. I can’t wait to see the F-35 naysayers twist and contort themselves, in an effort to spin this latest positive development  into something less than positive.

If you haven’t guessed, many of the F-35’s more imaginative critics test my patience to a high degree. Its not their criticism I find irritating, but their willful twisting of facts, and often, outright mistruths. This program continues to gain momentum, and I look forward to the day the F-35 reaches IOC. That critics will be forced to choke on their ridiculous claims in the future is simply a bonus.

~ by arcturus415 on July 30, 2013.

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