F-35’s Take Next Step





AF-4, Flt 85, Maj Steven "Whitey" Spears, Preformance 3, STR, 1






Training on Eglin Air Force Base continues to ramp up for the JSF Program. Last month, the F-35 was controlled by an air battle management squadron located on Tyndall Air Force Base.  Air battle management personnel are those normally aboard AWACS, directing air asset employment in a combat zone. These training operations are meant to simulate combat missions, to a degree. This is the first large scale interaction between air battle managers, and the F-35. This development is a reflection on the ever increasing maturity of the JSF.

This interaction is a critical happening, because procedures developed through these interactions will be applied to the F-35 after it reaches IOC, and for decades after. Flying in three and four aircraft formations,  working in conjunction with air battle managers, are simulating weapons employment in a tactical environment. These are fundamental steps, that will provide a strong foundation to build upon.


More good news for the F-35! Here is a little something for the critics, and the peanut gallery…..






~ by arcturus415 on August 9, 2013.

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