Once Again, My Faith In Humanity Slips A Bit More

Normally, I shy away from posting things outside of snark, defense, and science. Sometimes though, something happens that compels me to speak out. One such news article has done just that. The link to this article I will post, but first, I’ll sum it all up for you, along with some thoughts.

In DeKalb County, Ga., a 15 year old boy has less than six months to live. A heart transplant could save this young mans life, but he is being the hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, refuses to place the boy on the transplant list. The reasoning behind their denial to add this young man to the transplant list revolves around, what the hospital is calling, a ‘history of noncompliance’. It seems this ‘history of noncompliance’ finding revolves around low grades, and brushes with the law.

Is this really what America has become? Sentencing this young man to death is a callous act, that speaks ill of the state of our nation, and it highlights the incredible injustice that has become acceptable in our culture. Instead of valuing human life, because it is human life, this young man is being handed a death sentence due to poor academic performance, and legal infractions. Frankly, this sickens me. If the boy was added to the transplant list, and died while waiting for a heart, that would be one thing. This however, denies the young man even a semblance of a chance.

Life is something that should be cherished. Have we really sank so low that human life is now something to be casually tossed away, with little regard to the values we once held dear? Suppose for a second that this is simply a hospital looking out for their bottom line. In my eyes, that makes it no less despicable. This young man should and could have a full life ahead of him.

According to the hospital spokesperson, the hospital is “continuing to work with this family and looking at all options regarding this patient’s health care. We follow very specific criteria in determining eligibility for a transplant of any kind.” The last sentence of the hospitals comment, in my eyes, displays a complete lack of concern, or accountability.



~ by arcturus415 on August 13, 2013.

6 Responses to “Once Again, My Faith In Humanity Slips A Bit More”

  1. Very disturbing!! I think the majority of 15 year olds are non-compliant! So are 2 and 10 year oId kids and I don’t know many kids in this young man’s age group who do not get into some form of trouble, struggle in school, and have not learned the lessons of life that come with maturity. Yes, I agree heart transplants are extremely complicated, and if you want it to be successful then strict adherence to meds and diet are crucial, but he is 15 do not let some normal teenage behavior be the determining factor if he lives or dies. I have no doubt that this gift of life would not be taken for granted, He is as you can imagine, as well as his family scared beyond belief. Do not let some poor, immature choices be a death sentence for this young man. I wonder are they going to use the same methods to determine to see if people who are donating organs such employment records, criminal records and education level will be eligible to donate their organs.

    • In my eyes, its a very slippery slope. If this is allowed to happen in this instance, what is to stop it from happening again? Guidelines rarely retract, and are seen to constantly expand. Frankly, I find it disgusting.

      • Well if you think this is was bad Gov. Chris Christie had to sign a law that Hospitals and doctors would be prohibited from taking a patient’s mental or physical disability into account when being considered for an organ transplant. These quacks figured that whatever disability the child has, their life expectancy and quality of life is not good. Since there are fewer organs than there are people who need them, the hospitals usually decided to give them to those who will live the longest and benefit more. Under this new law a blind, deaf, or someone with Down syndrome now might have a better chance of living a longer life with a transplant. But if this is the route health care is heading then this is truly frightening.

      • What really bothers me is the feeling that healthcare providers, and even legislators, now feel they have the right to decide who is given the chance for a continued life. Chris Christie isn’t someone I normally applaud, but if he took steps to prevent what is essentially profiling, the I applaud him with vigor.

      • There is a little saying that doctors bury there mistakes. I almost became a example of that saying a couple years ago I went for a revision of a spinal surgery I had as a child for Scoliosis. What was supposed to be a 2 week stay in the hospital turned into a 5 month stay. Then what was supposed to be one surgery turned into 4, mainly because during the spinal surgery the doctor put a screw in the nerve and paralyzed one of my legs. Then he had to go back in and remove it, then I ended up with wound and bladder infection, E.Coli in my blood became septic and weaken my immune system I became quite ill. I went for a third surgery to clean and irrigate my wound and the hardware, was put on 2 antibiotics. Then they felt it was safe to clean and close the wound one final time then send me to a rehab hospital to relearn to walk. But mainly to summarize this story if it was not for my family and friends who were former nurses and them acting as my patient advocate and question the doctors, nurses and even house keepers about cleaning the room I would be dead. The doctors and nurses did as little as possible when it came to my care, but were more concerned about getting me out of the hospital and someone else deal with their mistake and hopefully not make it through this ordeal. But the bottom line to this is that doctors and healthcare providers are more concerned about money and making room for the next patient. Patient care has gone out the window and seems to be showing now in how they treat transplant patients.

      • Good God! I’m glad you pulled through that situation.

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