Diner Says Veteran And Service Dog Not Welcome


This is something that has me not just annoyed, but furious. An Air Force vet and his service dog went into a diner in Oxford, Massachusetts. Russell Ireland, aco-owner of the Big I Diner, felt the vet and his service dog were too close to the kitchen, then proceeded to toss the vet out of the diner. Russell Ireland, went on to state that the vet needed to ‘get that f*&%#$ fake service dog out of here’. Mr. Ireland, you sir are an asshole. When the vet showed the service dog’s certification papers, Mr. Ireland continued his asshat like behavior.

Since this episode, social media has unleashed a firestorm of criticism aimed at Russell Ireland. In response, this less than intelligent of restaurateurs, first apologized publicly. While claiming that his actions were the result of a ‘bad day’, Ireland profusely apologized to any veterans he might have offended. In the same breath, Ireland went on to point out that this vet and his service dog are still not welcome in his diner, while making one further idiotic statement seen below.

“This is a post-traumatic stress dog to give him emotional support. How much emotional support do you need when you’re eating breakfast?”

Russell Ireland, you sir are an asshole. I support small business, but in your case, I hope your diner’s time in business is short. As is so often the case, an old saying rings true. ‘Dogs and Soldiers: Keep off the grass.’ The people of Massachusetts love trouble, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the cry of ‘MASSHOLES Unite’ is resounding. If that happens, Russell Ireland should move, change his name, and pray the Red Sox win the Series.



~ by arcturus415 on August 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “Diner Says Veteran And Service Dog Not Welcome”

  1. As a restaurant patron I feel I could be harmed more from a cook or other food handlers who do not wash his hands after either using the rest room or handling cash or trash or does not wear a hair net than from a service dog. The service dog also looked cleaner than the restaurant owner.

  2. From reading some of the comments there are many closed minded civilians. I have never served in the military and make no claims to understand the mental and physical sacrifices our veterans have made and continue to make for us. But what I do understand is that it does not take much to change ones health status from healthy adult to being a person with a disability mental or physical. For example being able to walk without aids to having to use a walker to get around. Some of these closed minded individuals need to step back and think what-if this was me with this condition instead of berating them and throwing them out of there restaurant.

    • Sadly, such effort on the part of many people would require compassion, understanding, and respect. These are things not often found in the public at large.

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