Syria Related Update


In a strange development, two U-2 Dragon Lady aircraft arrived on Cyprus, at RAF Akrotiri. One is confirmed to have come from RAF Fairford  in the UK. The second could have come from either the Middle East, or CONUS. Basing these aircraft so close to Syria strikes me as a strange move. This seems more like posturing than anything, as these aircraft could perform ISR duties from bases much further away from Syria without strain.

Elsewhere in the region, Turkey has elevated the alert level of Diyarbakir Air Force Base to high. Two squadrons of Turkish F-16’s are stationed at Diyarbakir. Has the US informed Turkey that an attack on Syria is only hours away?

UPDATE: It seems the Turkish Prime Minister has been in a number of high level meetings about a possible Syrian chemical attack on Turkey. This explains the Turkish military alert. Things are starting to go slightly sideways….

~ by arcturus415 on August 30, 2013.

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