Syria repositioning Scud-C’s And Military Units


When you telegraph possible moves as the US has done in over the last week, its silly to believe your opponent is simply going to ignore everything. It seems Syria was listening, and is taking steps to mitigate the effectiveness of any US strike. The as yet to happen strike was given a setback, following a vote of the UK Parliament. On the US side of this, I stand by earlier statements, and ask where is the exit plan?


The Syrian military is not standing still. Scud-C missiles, and dozens of launchers have departed from their storage facility north of Damascus. Moving from the Qalamoun mountains, as reported by Middle Eastern diplomats, these launchers have been repositioned to central Syria. Scud mobile launchers have also been reported to be evacuating a base near Homs, on the western edge of Syria. Following these mobile launchers were vehicles holding further Scud missiles.

In Damascus, it seems Syria’s Army and Security Command Headquarters has also been mostly evacuated. Trucks loaded with military equipment, and possibly munitions have been reported exiting Damascus. Further Scud units based in the Damascus suburbs of Quataifa and Nasiriya have also abandoned the city. A Scud unit south of Damascus, in Sahya, is also rumored to have moved elsewhere.

Over the years, Syria has built a series of underground missile bases, and missile shelters throughout central Syria. On the Turkish border, the Al-Safir complex exists as well. These are targets not suited for a Tomahawk strike. Instead, other munitions would be required, such as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator. That means B-2’s.

Military units in Sahya have engaged in some of the heaviest shelling of rebel forces since the Syrian conflict began. A lack of artillery fire on rebel positions suggests other Syrian military units have also evacuated.

The more this situation evolves, the more I feel military intervention in any form is a mistake. The window for intervention was several years ago. That window is long closed. A limited strike accomplishes little. Overall, this is still a very poorly conceived idea, and one that will open the door to something larger. We lack a clear objective, public and international support, and an exit plan. I suspect we have also not fully weighed and analyzed the potential outcome of a strike.

~ by arcturus415 on September 1, 2013.

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