New Arrivals At RAF Akrotiri, And In The Region


In a repeat of Operation Odyssey Dawn, France has moved to Navy Atlantique II signals intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft into the region. Both French aircraft are now operating out of RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus. Its likely that these aircraft will be used to develop an electronic order of battle for Syria.

NATO Air to Air Refuel

Also operating out of RAF Akrotiri is a British E-3D AWACS. The E-3D joins the Eurofighter Typhoons currently present on Cyprus.


MP12-0721 Flight and Delivery of HC'MC-C-130J 5696 to Cannon AFB

On the US side of things, Air Force CV-22 Osprey’s have been moved to Souda Bay, Crete. Accompanying the CV-22’s is an MC-130J Commando II support aircraft. In a possible strike on Syria, the CV-22’s could be used in search and rescue efforts, with the MC-130J serving as a tanker for the Osprey’s.


USS Nimitz


USS Princeton

USS Shoup

USS Shoup


USS Stockdale

USS William P. Lawrence

USS William P. Lawrence

The USS Nimitz battle group has departed the Persian Gulf, and is now steaming towards the Red Sea. The addition of the Nimitz battle group adds the assorted aircraft of the Nimitz air wing. This also adds further numbers of Tomahawk cruise missiles found aboard the three destroyers and cruiser. US carrier battle groups are often accompanied by attack subs, which would add further numbers of Tomahawk cruise missiles in the region. Further assets are currently in the North Arabian Sea, and Persian Gulf, to include the USS Kearsarge, which took part in operations against Libya, and the Truman carrier battle group. Should the US need to surge firepower into the region, its likely both Kearsarge and the Truman battle group would be the nearest assets.


Despite these movements, its still far from certain that a strike on Syria will be approved.



~ by arcturus415 on September 2, 2013.

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