Syria To Transfer Control Of Chemical Weapons Stockpile

In a move to prevent a US Strike, Syria has agreed to the Russian proposal of placing their chemical weapons stockpile under international control. Once under international control, this stockpile will be disposed of. I see this as a positive step, but its worth noting that the current administration is still seeking congressional approval for a strike.

Its unlikely the Syrian stockpile will be transferred out of country for destruction. A far more likely possibility is US insistence on playing a role in stockpile destruction, in a trust but verify move.


Above is the US Army’s Field Deployable Hydrolysis System. This system is transportable by air and vehicle. Within ten days of arrival, the FDHS can begin neutralization of chemical weapons on site. Supported by a crew of fifteen, this system can neutralize up to twenty-five metric tons of chemical weapons per day.

On a side note, I am a bit amused that this outcome stems from an off the cuff remark by Secretary of State Kerry. He tossed out the line about a strike being averted if all chemical weapons were surrendered, and then stated that was something Syria would never do. Well Mr. Secretary, they took you up on your slip of the tongue.

Update: Syria’s Foreign Minister has announced that Syria will officially declare its chemical weapons stockpile, which will be placed under international control. Syria will also sign the Chemical Weapons Convention.

~ by arcturus415 on September 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Syria To Transfer Control Of Chemical Weapons Stockpile”

  1. This is truly one upside down world we live in! The former head of the KGB finding a solution to keep a Nobel peace prize winner from going to war! Maybe that peace prize should be transferred to Putin.

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