Turkish F-16 Downs Syrian Mi-17


Earlier today, a Turkish F-16 flying Combat AIr Patrol (CAP) tracked and engaged a Syrian Mi-17 Hip. The Syrian helicopter breached Turkish airspace, and was detected a mile inside the Turkish air defense zone. Following repeated warnings, which the Mi-17 ignored, Turkish aircraft opened fire.


Reports have surfaced that one of the crew of the Syrian helicopter was captured by rebel forces. Turkey intends to make available a full report on the incident to NATO, and the United Nations Security Council.

How this incident will play into ongoing diplomatic efforts regarding Syria is anyones guess. Nearly two thirds of Syria’s three hundred and sixty rotary wing assets are gone, after three years of civil war. Add this one to a growing number of losses.

Update: Found incident video, and the radar track released by Turkey.

~ by arcturus415 on September 17, 2013.

4 Responses to “Turkish F-16 Downs Syrian Mi-17”

  1. I just hope this incident does not escalate the tension between Syria and Turkey at their border.The world does not want or need the conflict in Syrian to spill to its neighbours. Just how many more countries can have uprisings before all of them are involved?

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