The Syria Quagmire Belches Forth Another Development

We’ve all seen situations that go from bad to worse. Why should Syria be expected to buck this trend? Syria is no longer a two party conflict, with the Assad government squaring off against rebel forces. Oh no, that would be too simple. Now its a three party conflict. In a development that should honestly surprise no one, the more extremist oriented elements of the rebel front have declared war on more moderate rebel factions. Those moderate factions are the ones the US and other nations are hard at work arming. Unfortunately, the more extremist factions are far more experienced and effective fighters.

At this point, I’m sitting here asking myself why the US government isn’t considering a shift in tactics. Instead of an endless series of press conferences moaning about what a monster Assad is, perhaps its time to cut a deal with Assad. The true losers in this situation are the Syrian people caught between Assad’s forces and those of extremist factions. Instead of beating on Assad publicly, the world would be better served offering a compromise. If he stops slaughtering his people, as in non-extremeists, we in turn will help him rid Syria of its extremist problem via drone strikes. That would calm down the region, reassure Russia while possibly improving US/Russian relations, while going after groups affiliated with other groups that seek to harm western interests. This might even thaw relations with Iran.

I’m sure none of this will happen, as that would make too much sense. Just a thought…

~ by arcturus415 on September 19, 2013.

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