Canada, Come Reclaim Your Lost Idiot

Ted Cruz has been at it for nearly an entire day. Over the course of his rant, he has touched on Star Wars, and Green Eggs and Ham. Apparently, Ted Cruz completely lacks any understanding of Green Eggs and Ham. If he did understand the book, he would know that once the narrator tries the Green Eggs and Ham, he learns they are delicious. Is Ted Cruz really telling us Obamacare is delicious, in couched terms?

This guy annoys me on a variety of levels. His politics I abhor. He panders to a lunatic fringe of conservative politics. Perhaps that is why he prefers to be called Ted, instead of his given first name which is Rafael. I suppose ‘Ted’ sells better with the base down in gun country, far more than Rafael does. While he claims to fight for the little guy, Ted is also busily engaged in not mentioning his wife, who happens to be a VP for Goldman Sachs. At the same time, Cruz tries valiantly to shift the narrative away from the fact that his father fought for Fidel Castro, while later professing that he ‘did not know Castro was a communist’.

Canada, I’m certain you have an village somewhere that is missing its idiot. Come get him, please. On a side note, I’m certain Ted’s antics will be fondly remembered in the coming electoral cycle. The American public will not soon forget that you are willing to force a government shut down over your temper tantrum. Seriously, if you couldn’t get rid of Obamacare the first forty times you tried, it might be a sign that its time to stop. Democratic voters thank you for providing the gift that will keep on giving.


I think this might get a bit more mileage after the next electoral cycle.

~ by arcturus415 on September 25, 2013.

8 Responses to “Canada, Come Reclaim Your Lost Idiot”

  1. Well before Darth Cruz can renounce his birthright he first has to apply for it. He was born here as the child of temporary workers, but happily for us Canadians he left before kindergarten and, because his mother was American, he has dual citizenship. When he reached the age where he could have sought a Canadian status, if he wished, he didn’t so he is considered a American. So happily our loss is your gain (Canada dodged a bullet this time!!) May The Force Be You! against Darth Cruz and his Imperial Forces. Lol 🙂

    • Really not the response I was hoping for…..

      • Yes, your right the correct response would of been to compare Ted Cruz to Jar-Jar Binks instead, the character that destroyed the Star Wars franchise. Lol 🙂 But in all seriousness did he really read Green Eggs and Ham and if he did he would of known it is a story about not liking something until you try it. Good one Cruz. That’s the best Obamacare endorsement ever. This has to be embarrassing to the Republicans. But what makes it so carzy is that Ted Cruz is saying that this is what the American people want, as if he is speaking for all of the people in the country. Being an American and living in Canada I know this is not true and have seen the benefits of socialized medicine. He sould not have been standing up there saying that, he is one embarrassment that needs to be re-called back to Texas, Canada, Cuba or wherever he is supposed to be from.

      • I’ve tried to make sense of what he intended to do. All I can come up with, is this was his effort to stand apart in hopes of generating significant name recognition for a run in 2016. While his goal is admirable, as far as a 2016 run is concerned, he fails to acknowledge the demographic shift in voting trends. This shift in trend was seen in 2008, and again in 2012.

        Ted needs to set aside hopes for a 2016 bid, and instead work on reading comprehension.

      • I am sorry if this sounds like a personal rant but most of the draw backs of Socialized medicine occur because of abuse to the health system by doctors. citizens and temporary citizens; not because Canadian citizens dislike it. If Ted goal was to stand apart in hopes of generating significant name recognition for a run in a 2016 bid. He could of spent nearly an entire day focusing on the facts of socialized medicine in Canada and less on Star Wars and Green Eggs and Ham. If Ted Cruz really wanted to strengthen his argument against Obamacare he could of focused on the lack of specialist in Canada caused by many of them leaving for the United States to make more money. It does not do enough to help seniors and disabled. Also, the abuse caused by allowing non Canadians to come into Canada illegally and giving them health care which increases the cost. Then there are new Canadians who gain citizenship don’t pay taxes and then leave the country to go back to their homeland to live and return to Canada when they are sick.

      • I don’t see that as sounding like a personal rant.

  2. I laughed so hard you made me cry. !!!

    What will make me cry even more if they make this guy president of the United State’s

    I need a good laugh.

    • Cruz really is comedy gold. The odds of that guy getting elected are low, in my opinion. Its a certainty that he will provide hours of entertainment during the primaries though. That is something to look forward to.

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