VFA 101 F-35C Rollout Ceremony

F-35 CF-6 Egline Ferry

In a few short days, on 1 Oct., VFA 101 will host a rollout ceremony for the F-35C at Eglin Air Force Base. Vice Admiral David Buss, Commander, Naval Air Force Pacific, had a few things to say about this recently.

“The Lightning II strike fighter represents the future business end of our nuclear powered aircraft carrier force, the embarked carrier air wing,” said Buss. “The men and women of VFA-101 are now cleared to take the first steps toward that future as they operate these amazing Navy aircraft and train the aviators who will fly them.”

The anti-F-35 peanut gallery still sticks to the old chestnut that the Navy does not want theF-35C. I’ve offered many quotes to refute this belief, but critics persist. At this point, it seems that the peanut gallery is trying to twist reality to fit their bias, believing their assessment outweighs those from the Navy itself. This is a wonderful example of the Dunning-Kruger effect at work.

In certain circles, claims that the Advanced Super Hornet represents a drop-in replacement for the F-35C abound. That belief was misguided then, as it is now. South Korea’s decision to not procure the Silent Eagle stands as an excellent example of why an upgraded 4th generation platform is not the answer. Despite the realities facing claims made by the peanut gallery, they charge forward with claims that grow ever more hollow by the day. Watching certain critics contort themselves in a fit of mental gymnastics, to make an upgraded 4th generation platform fill the F-35’s role, is a bit like watching a child attempt for hours to fit a square peg into a circular hole. When the flaws in this line of argument are countered with those pesky things known as facts, the response coming from critics sounds a bit like the video below.

Back on topic, I look forward to the rollout ceremony. The F-35C is a future key component of naval aviation. This ceremony is yet another step towards a future, filled with F-35’s.

~ by arcturus415 on September 27, 2013.

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