Notice For Possible Super Hornet Purchase Retracted

Yesterday, the Navy retracted a recently published notice covering the possible purchase of up to thirty six Super Hornets. ‘Up to’ could mean one, or thirty six. The Navy has gone on record, stating that no plans to purchase further Super Hornets or Growlers in fiscal year 2015 exist. The current Navy budget calls for Super Hornet funding to end in fiscal year 2014. Production of the Super Hornet will end in 2016, unless foreign orders are found to keep the production line going.

Boeing had hoped for a decision from Brazil, to purchase Super Hornet’s. That deal, in the wake of NSA activities, has since faltered. Boeing’s other hope for an export order rests with Malaysia. The Malaysian Prime Minister has gone on record, stating that any potential purchase could be delayed due to budget pressure.

In certain circles of the internet, F-35 critics are pointing to this event as proof of Lockheed Martin bribery, or wrongdoing. I strongly disagree with these claims, and find them, frankly, ridiculous.

~ by arcturus415 on November 1, 2013.

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