The ‘Birther’ Movement Is Spreading

It seems that the tinfoil hat fringe of ‘birther’ conspiracy theorists isn’t simply contained to the United States. Amusingly, this movement has spread to Venezuela. Opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claim Maduro was born in Columbia, or maintains dual Columbian/Venezuelan citizenship, both of which would make him ineligible for office. Because of that, his opponents argue, his election to the Presidency should be invalidated. It warms my heart to know this type of idiocy isn’t contained to just the United States.

Opposition party members went so far as to travel to Europe with their tale of conspiracy. There, they argued that ‘any contracts and agreements, signed with the Maduro government, due to his Colombian citizenship, are invalid, illegal, null and void.’

While I find a ‘birther’ movement sprouting up elsewhere amusing, I especially enjoy that it sprouted up in Venezuela. How long, I wonder, before the US is blamed for foisting this tale of conspiracy upon Venezuela?

Grab your popcorn. This might be worthy of a chuckle.


~ by arcturus415 on July 27, 2013.

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