The Army Heads To Sea

The Army has been making a number of very intelligent moves as of late…..moves sure to infuriate the USMC. I for one applaud the moves made. As the Pacific pivot moves forward, the Army is positioning itself well, with a shift in how business is conducted.

In mid July, 25 Army aviators performed landing qualifications aboard ships belonging to the US Navy. UH-60 Black Hawks, Oh-58 Kiowa Warriors, and Ch-47 Chinooks landed aboard the USS Chafee, USS Hopper, USS Guadalupe, and USS Tarawa off the coast of Hawaii.











The comment made by Army public affairs the USMC is probably fuming the most about is below.

“Being protectors of the Pacific, it is important we are capable of working in an over-water environment.”


Look for future Army moves to take place, as a turf fight of sorts begins. In regards to the pivot, this adds a new level of depth for the US military footprint in theater. Not only is this operationally relevant, but also assists in humanitarian aide operations, and expanded training opportunities with allied nations throughout the Pacific.






~ by arcturus415 on August 9, 2013.

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