Really Canada, Really?

In Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel, a tradition exists. This tradition involves a famous drink, called the Sourtoe Cocktail. Apparently, this is a whisky shot, into which a dehydrated human toe is dropped in, which the drinker must touch to their lips. Saturday, the lore surrounding the Sourtoe Cocktail added a new chapter. It seems that a fine of $500 exists for those who swallow the toe.

An American decided to partake of the Sourtoe Cocktail, to leave no stone of Canadian culture unexplored. For reasons unknown, this American opted to not just give lovingly delivered soft kisses to the toe, but swallow it. According to the Downtown Hotel, this is not the first toe that has met such a fate. Luckily, the Downtown Hotel maintained a backup toe in stock. This backup was the last such backup available, and the Downtown Hotel is now seeking donation of another.

This one is so wrong on so many levels.


Never before has a Big Lebowski reference been so fitting….


~ by arcturus415 on August 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Really Canada, Really?”

  1. Yes when happens in certain parts of Canada is toetally beyond comprehension, toe be honest. 🙂 This is way toe much I just hope he doesn’t get ahletes tongue. 🙂

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