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  1. China’s Coast Guard are unlike other nation’s coats guards in that their main purpose is not law enforcement or search & rescue, but to assist in bolstering China’s territorial claims in the South and East China Seas. If China continues to use this route in order to avoid sending People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force vessels and potentially triggering the US-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty, the burden on the Joint Consultative Group will be enormous. I am wondering why agreements cannot be made for the United States Coast Guard to assist in patrolling the Senkakus as part of the defense of US Bases on Okinawa prefecture. But, if China planned to send a surveying team at this appropriate time to land on the Senkaku islands. This would be a serious escalation it would be interesting to determine the impact these tensions (Korea, Senkakus) are having on China’s economic activity. The riots in China which destroyed Japanese property had an obvious and immediate effect, but the constant low-level threat of armed conflict must be affecting the willingness of business to invest. Would a Japanese company build a factory in China under these circumstances? Would an American one? Are the Senkakus worth losing business investments in China? Having the world’s second and third largest economies on an undeclared war footing must be bad for business, the Senkakus taken in isolation are troubling enough, but other developments in the region must be compounding instability. Obama is intended to reassure his allies and strengthen their resolve against China’s perceived bullying, but the effect might be different and make conflict more likely. Being surrounded and contained by an anti-China alliance (as they see it) is a strategy that could have been designed to ensure that a tense situation turns hostile. I guess the China is trying to prove the aphorism might makes right.

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